Jason Lewi: ‘Our publishing house attempts seeks to speak out globally on cultural achievements of the Europe’

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There is a host of book publishers in Europe. We had an interview with Jason Lewi, CEO at the European World publishing house, on how the entity stands

out from the competition.

Q: Please tell us the story behind your company.

A:  Our publishing house wasfoundedbypublishing business experts in 2016. The first projects carried out by our staff members were books devoted to culture, arts and history of the European Union.

Q: What projects have been carried out for the last two years?  

A: For now, the publishing house releases a plethora of titles in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and other languages. Special focus is given to popular scientific literature and books on politics, philosophy, economics and memoirs. We also produce art books and photo books. Since 2018, the publishing house has been running an international photo book contest, which is one of the most important events on the European and worldwide cultural scene.

Q: Your company title features the word “European”. Does the scope of your activities include promotion of European history and culture?

A.: Our Publishing house attempts seeks to speak out globally on cultural achievements of the Europe. Our cooperation with European government agencies concerning publication of EU’s regulatory instruments, resolutions, discussions, conferences, workshops and roundtable discussions is a new focus for our publishing house. In 2020, we plan to begin a programme of cooperation with EU’s leading universities , aimed at publication of education materials and research monographs.

Q: The EU has seen the emergence of a plethora of publishing houses that are not averse to release even planted articles, provided they are paid properly. What is your stance on it?

A: As we protect our reputation, we reject low-quality manuscripts. All manuscripts submitted to our publishing house tend to be carefully analysed and peer-reviewed by our experts and scholars at leading European high schools.

Q: People in the EU know your company due to publication of photo albums and art books. Please tell us about it.

A: We do have plenty of experience in publishing photo books. Operation of any publisher can be evaluated by quality of albums, fiction and other issues which represent contribution of designers, photographers, artists and other experts. Some of our books are genuine pieces of art.

 Q: Can you set your views on the mission and short-term and long-term prospects of your publishing house? 

 A: A Publishing house is kind of factory that creates cultural legacy to be then inherited by our children and grandchildren. We are enchanted by the rich European culture and the mission of our publishing house is to provide global outreach for cultural treasures of the European World. This year, we have designs on putting out over 10 books. Over the horizon, we expect to become one of the world’s top-ranked publishing houses – hope we will succeed.

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